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Communication Solutions

The Enterprise Communication Suite™ ensures all channels can be joined up and will always be consistent and accurate, using one simple and exciting product to create an effortless and cost effective experience.

“Communicating in the right place, at the right time, using the right media – it’s about consistency through all messaging and media, to create a seamless consumer experience”.

Founded in 1987, and always underpinned by client-led product development, our solutions are being used worldwide in over 25,000 locations to enable our clients to communicate their sales, brand and service messages to customers, employees and partners.

The Enterprise Communication Suite™ enables organizations to establish how and when clients, employees and other audiences want to be contacted and through which media.

People play many roles in their lives.  How they are treated by organizations depends on creating and managing communications that are relevant to the roles they are playing at any given moment. Managing this across multiple sites, media and devices is a challenge that demands consistency, accuracy, timeliness and both processes and systems that are easily understood and implemented by managers and employees at all levels.

Our solutions are proven to reduce costs and inefficiencies to deliver better service and an increase in sales and margin.

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