This will not only make it easy to design and optimize the planogram, but allow for seamless integration with product information, shelf labels and label printing, planned promotions, digital signage, and other elements that drive customer engagement and impact sales.

At ECS Global Inc, we provide this type of planogram software solution within our ECS5.

ECS5 is a cloud-based retail management system used around the world, from small store fronts to major retail operations. Its ability to blend communication between inventory, retail signage, and promotions allows for painless planogram design, live connection to store data, and performance optimization for shelf and store display layouts.

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Design and Easily Implement Retail Planograms With ECS5

With ECS5’s planogram and visual merchandising capability, employees can avoid tedious and inefficient upkeep of product displays on the store floor. Instead, stores can maximize shelf space and drive sales with streamlined planogram layouts that staff can easily navigate.

A retail store planogram that communicates cleanly across devices and store data will increase productivity and allow for heavier focus on positive customer experiences.

The planogram software within ECS5 includes the following features:

  • Cloud-based and seamless integration with store systems and merchandise information
  • Intuitive user interface for easy to design planograms and custom store layouts
  • Access to 3D models and product images for high detail visualizations
  • Reliable connection to inventory, product descriptions, dimensions, and pricing
  • Label printing in store walk order, as designed in the planogram
  • Full compliance data reporting
  • Performance tracking of key metrics such as heat maps, foot traffic, and more
  • Adjustable signage, pricing, and store promotion planning based on performance data
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The Benefits of Using Planograms

A planogram (sometimes referred to as a POG) is a detailed schematic or model used to plan store layouts, merchandise displays, and product placements. A planogram will guide the customer through an efficient shopping path that encourages sales with strategically placed shelving and product arrangements.

A planogram can provide the following advantages:

  • Drive sales with optimal product placement
  • Maximize shelf space between multiple vendors
  • Optimize foot traffic and walking order of customers
  • Improve restocking efficiency
  • Organize and deploy more effective store promotions

These benefits make planograms a clear necessity for any retail store or retail pharmacy operation.

Contact Us to Learn More About Retail Planograms and ECS5

ECS Global Inc is a retail solutions software company that operates worldwide. We offer planogram solutions that connect with the rest of your store’s wide variety of devices, displays, and systems to drive sales and improve the customer experience.

Avoid the hassle of bridging multiple types of external software, and contact ECS Global Inc to learn more about the simple integration and powerful advantages of using planograms with ECS5.

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