Enterprise Communication Suite™ for Sports and Attractions

Stadia and sports facility owners need to communicate with fans, guests and employees on site, but what about off site, when they are still interacting with the brand? With the advent of digital communications, there has been an explosion in ways to communicate with clients wherever they are, through texting and email, as well as advertising at the point of sale in shops, bars and restaurants.

Off site communication is also critical, not only to drive traffic to venues, but also to promote and sell tickets, products and merchandising to sports fans wherever they may be in the world. Given that as few as 20% of fans of a typical football club will actually attend the venue, the revenue opportunity in reaching and communicating with them all regularly generates an immediate uplift in sales of products and enables fans to get involved, even if they are not watching the match live.

In the sports and attractions sector, the solution can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Driving Interactive Kiosks to display maps and details of various locations
  • Creating promotions using social media
  • Printing coupons, tickets and other promotional material

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