If stores use different systems to manage these various tasks, there is a risk that the information and messaging may not be consistent. There is also a higher risk for error and inefficiencies when using several systems that are not connected in any way.

Many of these tasks are managed via software and there are also physical retail communication devices that stores use, such as mobile computers, printers, kiosks, and digital sign displays, that are powered by software.

The tasks that are completed with these complementary technologies can be done much quicker and more efficiently with a software solution that integrates all of these technologies and physical devices.

Retail Communication Devices

ECS Physical Solutions

At ECS Global Inc., we provide a software solution that allows you to integrate all of the complementary technologies and retail communication devices into one system.

With ECS5, you can manage communications using various physical devices such as mobile printers and mobile computers to ensure consistent messaging in store, as well as externally with social media, email, ecommerce, and online catalogs.

Given our experience with these technologies and optimizing them for consistent communication, we are able to offer advice and guidance on the most appropriate integration to meet your unique business needs.

ECS5 will allow you to complete many in-store tasks using any computer, handheld device, or mobile printer integrated into the system.

The ability to manage in-store and external communications from any device will contribute to consistent messaging and save your business time by making many common tasks more efficient.

ECS5 eliminates inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and amplifies your brand by unifying communication from the point of sale to the shelf edge, establishing a consistent message between all print, digital and display technologies that drive store success.

Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

ECS5 allows you to print signage and price tags from a wide range of mobile printers. These lightweight printers can be carried around your store and attached to a user via a belt allowing them to print shelf edge labels at the shelf edge where the labels can be applied immediately.

We can provide specialized printer drivers for ECS5 to ensure the best possible performance for mobile printing.

At ECS Global Inc., we recently launched a new line of RFID barcode readers that are integrated into ECS5 via mobile technology.  The form factor of our modern data collection devices is ultimately designed not only to count inventory with ease, but to create a rich experience for your customers and a more self-assured 9 to 5 for your staff members.

Our vision at ECS Global Inc. is to be recognized by our RFID customers as their partner of choice by offering a solution that beats its competition on price, performance, form-factor, and quality customer experience.  We don’t just want to be proud of what we do; we want to be proud of what we enable you to do.

Electronic Signage

Retailers continuously look for ways to enhance the customer experience by improving the way they communicate with and educate their customers, allowing the customer to make a better-informed decision with their purchases.

To do this, it is essential that accurate and current information is in constant supply to the customer.

Electronic signage and shelf tag labels offer retailers an effective solution to deliver such information.

Using ECS5, you can ensure that accurate information about product pricing and special promotions is always reflected on your digital signs and electronic shelf tags.

When you update a price in the system, your electronic shelf tags will update automatically to ensure accurate pricing.  You can also use the Media Manager within ECS5 to efficiently design digital signage and send the signage instantly to TV screens and other in-store digital displays.

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Solutions for Retail Communication Devices from ECS Global Inc.

ECS Global Inc is a retail solutions software company that operates worldwide.

ECS5 is an all-encompassing solution that will seamlessly integrate all of your communication devices. Through your physical devices, you will be able to access the same data all from one source to ensure accurate and consistent information and messaging. Your employees will also be able to work much more efficiently by accessing the correct data via mobile technology on any device integrated into ECS5.

Contact ECS Global Inc. to learn more about how ECS5 can seamlessly integrate all of your physical devices into one software solution.

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