Some travelers are in a hurry and receive information on the fly, while others dwell and absorb information completely differently; transport locations therefore need a strategy that will enable them to reach every kind of traveler, and to commercialize those communications where appropriate, especially working with advertisers, retailers and media owners.

Out of date promotions can hurt you twice – the sales opportunity has passed, and customers viewing now irrelevant information lose confidence in the brand that is talking to them.

In the travel sector, the solution can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Driving digital signage to ensure the most up to date information is shown
  • Printing timetables, tickets and maps
  • Running text messaging services to send travelers reminders when their train/bus is due to arrive
  • Running single and partner promotions through multiple channels

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Our software solutions, including the ECS5 system, have helped businesses throughout the world in many different industries streamline their messaging to help improve customer engagement and sales. Our systems can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and allow you to deliver a consistent message across all media from one place.

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