ECS5 makes it much easier for retail stores and other businesses to effectively manage their communications, including creating accurate point of sale signage and shelf tags that are up to date with pricing and promotions.  It is important for retail stores to ensure that changes in pricing and promotions are implemented so that the right information is being conveyed to the customers. If a price displayed on the shop floor is less than the price an item scans for, the retailer is trading illegally, and this presents a compliance issue and risk of the retailer being fined.

The ECS Media Suite Analytics Module makes it possible to trace the production of signage and shelf tags, including batch printing and deployment confirmation, to ensure efficiency.

The ECS Media Suite Analytics Module is a system of modules that provide traceability and audit capabilities to trace batch printing, deployment confirmation, and trends.  Users can check in on live batch printing, batch quantities, the status of activities that need to be completed, and trends in batch production over time.

The analytics suite helps you keep track of signage and shelf tags that have been produced as well as tasks yet to be completed to ensure that you are always delivering accurate and up to date communications to your customers.

Analytics Suite Capabilities

There are several modules contained within the ECS5 analytics suite that provide traceability and audit capabilities:

Live View

The Live View module displays the Batch Processor in real time including the processors currently printing signage and ticket batches.  Users can view the time remaining to complete each batch as well as the number of signs and tickets being printed.

Batch Print Quantities

Batches of signage and shelf tags that have already been printed can be viewed in the Batch Print Quantities module.  Users can view which batches were printed when with an hour by hour breakdown and you can also view the quantities for multiple stores at once.  This allows users to ensure that each location is printing their signage and shelf tags at the right time and notice if there are any problems.

Batch Dashboard

The ECS5 Analytics Batch Dashboard

The Batch Dashboard module shows the progress of three major tasks divided into rows to help ensure that signage and shelf tags are printed and applied within stores.

  • First Row: This row shows the production of signage and shelf tag batches to be printed on the day selected. Each task will have a color-coded circle around it to indicate its status; a green circle for batches that are completed, a yellow circle for batches currently in progress that are not yet completed, and a red circle for batches that have not been printed and are overdue.
  • Second Row: This row shows the progress of the batch printing within each store.
  • Third Row: This row shows guided ticket check tasks in which employees must confirm that the signage and shelf tags have been applied correctly using their mobile devices.

When you click the colored circle around each task, you will see two levels of detail; one that shows an overall summary for each store and one that shows the specific details for each task within a selected store.

Batch Trends

The Batch Trends module allows users to see the amount of signage and shelf tags printed over a selected time frame.  This includes signage and shelf tags from the configured batches as well as ad hoc requests on the sign search modules from connected mobile devices and back offices.

Users can view trend totals for individual stores and individual signage and shelf tag types within each store, as well as average totals across all stores.  There are separate graphs for each batch type which makes it easy to identify trends for different types of promotions.  These graphs also give insight into potential future workloads which helps stores plan out their operations.

Trace Pricing and Promotion Deployment with ECS5

ECS5 already makes printing and implementing new signage and shelf tags to reflect changes in pricing and promotions fast and effective.  The ECS5 Media Suite Analytics Module allows you to trace the deployment of updated signage and shelf tags to ensure that they are being implemented on time across multiple locations.  This helps improve the efficiency and consistency of your communications in every store.

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Electronic Signage Integration With ECS5

At ECS we believe there is a positive ROI when using electronic signage but for each retailer, there is an appropriate blend of paper, ESL and Digital Media that gives the best blend of reduced labor, improved compliance, and competitive advantage. ECS is able to drive all the elements of store communication from a single system, whether the output is traditional paper POS, ESL or Digital media, we are able to control from a single point.

This ensures consistency across all the different media types through a single management interface. By choosing the correct blend of the available technologies, it is possible to recognize the benefits of each unique output medium giving the best possible blend of cost savings, consistency, compliance, and shopper experience.

With ECS5 you are able to use the same Media Design Suite that you use for paper signage, which allows us to be absolutely consistent between all media types in use. Out of the box, ECS5 can be used to drive all of the leading ESL brands on the market today. By working with ESL vendors, and as owners of our solution, we are able to quickly implement new ideas and features to ensure that ECS5 stays ahead of your ESL requirements.

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