Integrating the planogram within a cloud solution that allows you to manage the warehouse labels from a central point will help improve workflow and ensure the accuracy of the labels.

At ECS Global Inc., we offer ECS5; a cloud-based warehouse label solution in which you can manage the design and printing of warehouse labels. Our data-driven label design and printing solutions for manufacturing, logistics, and chemicals are fully integrated with your organization’s operational systems to extract the right information at every stage, delivered to both fixed and mobile technologies.

We are a trusted source for the inside track on all new legislation so we can ensure that all of our clients are fully compliant with solutions that minimize costs and workload. This includes a specialist solution for the particular requirements of hazardous chemicals.

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Manufacturing and Warehouse Labeling Solutions

Warehouses, especially those at manufacturing plants, hold a lot of products including finished products waiting to be shipped out and products that go into the manufacturing of goods. In large warehouses, items can easily get lost if there is not an efficient labeling system in place and it may take a long time to find an item or part that is needed.

With ECS5, you can effectively manage the inventory in your warehouse from our cloud based solution.  Within ECS5, you can enter the warehouse planogram and inventory data in the cloud to accurately keep track of your inventory and print rack labels.

You can then access your planogram within ECS5 and search for specific parts and items to see how many are in stock and where in the warehouse you can find them. This will help you quickly locate items in a large warehouse.

ECS5 is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed from your locations using any type of device.  This means mobile and often wearable technology that allow ECS5 to be utilized at the location where it is needed.

The integration of the warehouse planogram into the labeling system will ensure accurate labeling and the ability to print labels on the warehouse floor will help improve workflow efficiency.

ECS5 is a cloud-based solution for manufacturing labeling and has the following benefits:

  • Minimize the time taken for labels to be designed and produced
  • Ensure design consistency
  • Maintain data integrity
  • Centrally control the printing and distribution of labels in multiple locations and in multiple languages in multiple countries
  • Minimize overall costs
  • Use the correct safety warnings, codes, and symbols for hazardous materials to be transported
  • Apply labels at the point of need such as parts for manufacturing and finished goods

ECS5 Digital Signage and Labeling

Digital signage and labeling are being used increasingly in manufacturing and warehousing to present dynamic information that would be impractical with traditional paper labeling.

Electronic shelf labels can be utilized in situations where the contents of product bins are dynamic, and labels need to be updated several times each day.  With full integration with stock and products databases in the cloud, ECS5 can help make sure that the information shown on the electronic labels is always up to date.

Digital signage presented on TV screens can show employee messages such as, health and safety messages and videos, reminders, and corporate messages.

ECS5 System for Hazardous Chemicals

With ECS5, businesses in the chemicals industry can ensure they comply with labeling legislation that dictates what risk and safety phrases, and images need to be displayed on the label.  Our solution is also Unicode compliant which means that clients can display the risk and safety phrases in many languages.

ECS5 comes with a pre-packaged database containing Hazard and Precautionary codes (H&P codes) in the relevant European languages compliant to the GHS (Globally Harmonized System).

This enables multilingual labels to be created quickly and efficiently when hazardous chemicals need to be transported across several countries. For example, a business may print multiple languages on one label to avoid re-labeling hazardous chemicals as they pass through different countries.

ECS5 is also able to support the symbols and phrases of the new system called Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), which addresses classification of chemicals by types of hazards and proposes harmonized hazard communication elements, including labels and safety data sheets.

Warehouse and Manufacturing Labeling Solutions from ECS Global Inc.

ECS Global Inc is a retail solutions software company that operates worldwide.

ECS5 can help businesses in manufacturing, logistics, and chemicals efficiently manage their labeling in compliance with applicable legislation. Our professionals at ECS Global Inc. have helped integrate ECS5 in warehouses around the globe and we provide international and multilingual support.

Contact ECS Global Inc. for more about how ECS5 can help in manufacturing, chemicals, and logistics.

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