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ECS Global have uniquely listened to our clients and what they are craving. They crave a solution with the ability to have consistent communication, fully integrated and combined with in store efficiencies, to reduce costs and lift sales.

ECS 5 enables organizations to bring together all their communication channels with one solution, using one instance of data and logic.

ecs5 retail communication solution

Organizations utilize many different channels of communication, such as traditional high impact colorful point of sale, digital signs, innovative and interactive technologies.

However, these channels are typically separate systems and do not pull data from a single source.

This results in organizations doing things in multiple places, causing inconsistencies, confusion, adding cost, lack of pace of execution and ultimately poses a potential risk of miscommunicating to customers.

ECS 5 provides retailers with the ability to be consistent in their communication across all channels, enabling them to push messaging to their customers through any type of signage. This is achieved using one design tool irrespective of digital, paper, or full video signage.

Price changes, product information, promotions and campaigns can all be updated at a single point and distributed to all communication channels seamlessly.

ECS 5 is fully integrated with all forms of digital signage, allowing a retailer to use a blend of these and not find themselves in a technology cul-de-sac as the technology is constantly improving.

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