Electronic Signage

electronic signage for retail stores

While high impact colorful point of sale is very important, there has been a rise in the usage of electronic signage.

There are some key advantages when using electronic signage:

Improved Compliance:

By automating the signage process with ESLs, issues of human error and missed signage is eliminated.  Near real time changes are possible ensuring that there is no delay between price changes and price label updates in the stores.

Reduce Store Labor:

Significant saving can be made through store labor reductions.  In an increasingly competitive world, there are more price changes and promotions than ever before.

If it takes on average 30 seconds for a store associate to deploy a new price label, labor savings using ESLs can be significant, especially on days when large promotions are starting or ending.

It is not uncommon for larger retailers to produce several thousand signs per day at peak promotional periods.

Allows us to change more prices:

When signage is manual, the process of putting new signage up and taking down old signage can be the limiting factor that dictates the maximum number of price changes that can be made on any single day.

Labor planning needs to happen well in advance, making large numbers of price changes at short notice impractical to deploy.

electronic signage software solution

Dynamically Compete on Price:

Many retailers find it difficult to reliably deploy last minute price changes during the day because the process needs to be extremely flexible and in store processes find it difficult to reliably deal with unknown events.

Sophisticated and integrated workflow management needs to be deployed to reliably achieve this.  ESLs can remove this burden.

Digital Media

By Digital Media we are referring to the large TV screens which are capable of video as well as static images.

We often see TV screens in store turned off, playing out of date content, or showing only the most generic of advertisements.  The main reason for this is the effort involved in keeping the media up to date and relevant to the available in store promotions.

We have integrated our price and promotions systems into our media publishing modules, so we are able to dynamically update price and promotions in near real time on advertisements throughout the store estate.  This can be mixed with video clips to create a composite media show that is always up to date and relevant to the promotions on offer at any time.

This is also able to deal seamlessly with differential store pricing and different store product ranging.

Electronic Signage Integration With ECS5

At ECS we believe there is a positive ROI when using electronic signage but for each retailer, there is an appropriate blend of paper, ESL and Digital Media that gives the best blend of reduced labor, improved compliance, and competitive advantage.

ECS is able to drive all the elements of store communication from a single system, whether the output is traditional paper POS, ESL or Digital media, we are able to control from a single point.  This ensures consistency across all the different media types through a single management interface.

By choosing the correct blend of the available technologies, it is possible to recognize the benefits of each unique output medium giving the best possible blend of cost savings, consistency, compliance, and shopper experience.

With ECS5 you are able to use the same Media Design Suite that you use for paper signage, which allows us to be absolutely consistent between all media types in use.

Out of the box, ECS5 can be used to drive all of the leading ESL brands on the market today.

By working with ESL vendors,  and as owners of our solution, we are able to quickly implement new ideas and features to ensure that ECS5 stays ahead of your ESL requirements.

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