Blended Communications with ECS5

ECS5 by ECS Global Inc. is a cloud solution that blends communication between paper, digital, and display technologies to improve efficiency and profitability for businesses around the world.

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Global Communications

Digital Signage

Manage impressive video displays and easily update promotions that positively impact the customer experience and compete dynamically against competitors.


Design the optimal placements of products and shelf arrangements with ECS5’s built-in planogram creation tools to increase customer basket size and better allocate employee labor.

Electronic Shelf Labels

Implement digital price tags on store shelves that are centrally managed and can be quickly updated to respond to new promotions and competitor pricing.

Mobile and Digital Devices

Drive store operations involving label printing, planogram, point of sale, and digital signage all from a tablet, smart phone, or other mobile device.

Promotion Planning

Centrally manage promotional campaigns and update them instantly to reflect new offers and information across your store or facility.


ECS5 eliminates inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and amplifies your brand by unifying communication from the point of sale to the shelf edge, establishing a consistent message between all print, digital, and display technologies that drive store success.

Healthcare and Pharmacy

ECS5 is a unique labeling and mobile solution, delivering applications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry on a global scale.

Warehouse and Logistics

ECS5 is a cloud-based warehouse label solution that fully integrates with your organization’s operational systems to extract the right information at every stage.

Campus and Academia

Universities and educational institutions around the world use ECS5 to establish consistent messaging across school grounds, ensuring accurate information is conveyed to all students.

Travel and Hospitality

From hotels and parks, to restaurants and cafes, ECS5 drives powerful promotional messaging across digital displays, text messaging, interactive kiosks and more.

Sports and Attractions

Sports stadiums, museums, and other attractions rely on ECS5 to ensure their facilities have unified communication across all technologies, from printed flyers to electronic displays.

ECS5 is Changing Industries Everywhere

Many businesses use multiple individual software systems to manage their communications where nothing is joined up, consistent, or enforcing strong quality branding. This is an inefficient and costly way to manage communication and branding. ECS5 enables organizations and businesses to bring together all of their communication channels within one solution, using one intuitive design rather than multiple individual systems. With this system, you can provide consistent impactful communications to your target audience whether in a physical location, such as a retail store, bank lobby or hotel, and externally via traditional advertising, social media, newspapers and magazines, telephone, catalogs, multimedia, electronic signage, internet, and smartphones.

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