Global Communications

ECS Global Inc. are excited to announce the release of ECS5, a unique proposition for retail combining joined up communication with in-store operational efficiencies.
ECS5 enables organizations to bring together all their communication channels with one solution, using one intuitive design suite, rather than what is hugely inefficient and prevalent today, multiple individual systems, where nothing is joined up, consistent or enforcing strong quality branding.

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More Compelling Marketing Communications with ECS5 – Karen Kroll


We are a global company and our solutions are being used worldwide, with representation across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia.  We enable our clients to provide the ability to consistently communicate any message in any language to a wide audience using a variety of platforms, whether that be high impact colorful point of sale, digital signage, product labeling, handheld terminals, portable devices, advertising or shelf edge labeling.

Our goal is to help organizations improve the way they engage with their customers and employees. Communicating in the right place, at the right time, using the right media is about consistency through all messaging, to create a seamless consumer experience.

The solutions we provide enable you to control all areas of communication using one simple and exciting product, fully integrated with your existing infrastructure to create a hassle-free and cost effective experience.

The Enterprise Communication Suite™ enables you to provide consistent impactful communications to your target audience whether in a physical location, such as a Bank Lobby, Retail Store or Hotel and externally via traditional advertising, social media, newspapers and magazines, telephone, catalogs, multimedia, electronic signage, internet and smartphones.

We have a Client Touch and Experience Consultancy Program™ that can help you establish how you wish to engage with your clients, at what frequency and via which method.

We work across a number of major industries where clients, organizations and regulators demand accurate, consistent, meaningful and attractive communications.

Derek Buchanan, CEO of ECS commented “I have seen a number of elements in Retail about the integrity of promotions, the customer experience and check-out prices being different. It just doesn’t have to be that way. There are solutions, such as the Enterprise Communication Suite™ that are out of the box and can ensure all your messaging is joined-up”.

ECS has recently been audited by independent Retail analysts in the US and Australia, as you will see in the below video –