University campuses may contain stores, bars, cafes, book shops, and other spaces where messages and information are conveyed to students.

With students receiving information in so many on-campus places, it is important for the messaging to be consistent across all sites to ensure that the authorities are able to manage their costs while also meeting their obligations to students.

With universities displaying greater cultural diversity than almost any other kind of institution, consistency in communications is even more critical to ensure that people from all countries and walks of life are reached and influenced in ways that are familiar to them.

ECS Global Inc. can help universities and educational institutions ensure consistent messaging through their campuses with ECS5; a software solution that allows you to communicate your messaging in spaces across campus, ensuring accurate and consistent information.

Using ECS5, you can integrate digital signage, information kiosks, and pricing and promotions for cafes and bookstores under one solution.

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ECS5 can benefit university campuses in the following ways:

  • Ensure all promotional material and advertising is consistent from place to place.
  • Communicate relevant information to students at the correct time of day via social media and text messaging services.
  • Store and print student photo badges.

ECS5 on University Campuses

Whether a university has a small or expansive campus, it is important to ensure consistent messaging across all spaces on campus.  For instance, the information a student receives via an informational kiosk in one area of the university campus must be consistent with the information the student would receive at the bookstore.

ECS5 integrates all methods of communication across campus into one software solution.

With ECS5, you can control the content of kiosks and digital signage throughout campus to ensure accurate messaging and information.  The ECS5 Media Manager can be used to create and edit content for digital signs and kiosks and all changes can be implemented immediately.  This allows you to deliver consistent messaging and branding throughout campus and ensure you are providing students with up-to-date information.

ECS5 is also beneficial for on-campus stores and cafes.  It is an excellent retail solution as planograms, stock, pricing, promotions, and shelf tag and sign printing can all be managed within.

Bookstores and cafes can easily keep track of their stock and pricing and promotions can be set within the solution to ensure accuracy. Mobile handheld devices and printers can also be integrated to print signage and shelf tags.

The following are the main benefits of utilizing ECS5 on university campuses:

  • Ensure consistent, accurate messaging on all digital signage throughout the university.
  • Create and manage content on kiosks throughout campus.
  • Manage inventory at bookstores and cafes including planograms, stock, pricing, and shelf tags.
  • Create and print signage for cafes and bookstores.
  • Manage sales and promotions at cafes and bookstores.
  • Save labor by instantly sending accurate messaging to all digital outlets from one place.

ECS5 for Academia from ECS Global Inc.

Providing consistent and accurate messaging and information to students across campus is important.  With ECS5, you can manage all of your digital communications including digital signage, educational kiosks, and more from one place.  This will help you ensure consistent branding and messaging across campus and drastically reduce inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

ECS Global Inc. can help universities and educational institutions all over the world with ECS5 and we provide international and multilingual support.

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