At minimum, customers expect consistency in messaging and pricing in retail across media. At ECS Global Inc., we can help retail stores and other businesses seamlessly manage their messaging across all media through our ECS5 Media Suite (ECS5).

The ECS5 Media Suite is a retail point of sale system (POS system) that enables multi-channel retailers to communicate the right promotional messages to their customers at the shelf edge and point of sale.

The communications hub enables businesses to send consistent messaging via interactive kiosks, multimedia, electronic signage, email, electronic shelf edge labels, and other media within a single system.

The ECS5 Media Suite (ECS5 system) is an efficient and cost-effective retail POS system that is used in 25,000 stores, small and large, throughout the world.

ECS5 eliminates inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and amplifies your brand by unifying communication from the point of sale to the shelf edge, establishing a consistent message between all print, digital and display technologies that drive store success.

Features of the ECS5 Media Suite

Features of the ECS5 Media Suite

The ECS5 Media Suite POS software is a complete retail solution that manages the information that flows from the head office to the customer. This system combines all of the media your business uses for communication and integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Our POS software systems guarantee consistency of messaging and accuracy of information delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

The following are the main features of our ECS5 retail POS system:

  • Create labels, tags, and signage in one place: Within the ECS5 system, you can manage the creation of shelf tags, labels, promotional signage, and other similar labels and signs that reflect current pricing and promotions. When a price changes within the system, you can use the software to quickly design and print new tags and signage.  Digital signage and electronic shelf-edge tags are updated automatically.
  • Manage planograms: The ECS5 system integrates the planogram for your store which allows for efficient and accurate price tag printing. You can also design your planogram, manage inventory, and identify areas of your planogram with less sold items so you can attract more foot traffic to these areas.
  • Automate printing of signage and labels: The technology within our retail software solutions can automatically print signage and tags for items in stock and suppress the production of signage and tags for items that are not in stock. This is an intuitive element of the system that takes care of itself.
  • Manage digital media: The ECS5 system includes an integrated Media Manager that allows you to create digital signs and video content using various types of media including jpegs, image files, and videos. The design suite within the Media Manager makes it possible for you to create content quickly and easily and automatically distribute it to TV screens and digital signs within your store.
  • ECS Media Player: The ECS Media Player can be integrated with the ECS5 Media Suite and shown on TV screens and digital displays throughout the store. These players can be used for large format screens, multi-screen systems, and even Store Radio by connecting to the store’s audio system. Audio files and video content are scheduled through the ECS Media Show Manager and content from the ECS Media Player can be shown and hidden on demand.
  • Promotional content can be created for individual stores and managed across locations with ECS5.  This gives you the ability to display specific content to each store that is relevant to their regional location, including the current or upcoming weather, holiday specials, local events, and secondary languages spoken in the area.  The ECS Media Player allows for the management and scheduling of promotional content across multiple store locations.
  • Integrate other devices: The ECS5 system harnesses mobile technology that can be used on Android and iOS mobile operating systems. You or your employees can access the system from any device or computer, and you can also integrate devices like handheld scanners, printers, PCs, and kiosks into the system.  Your staff no longer has to go to a central office location to access the system and do things like print signs and labels.

The following are the main benefits of our ECS5  cloud-based retail management software:

  • Promotions and price changes can be applied within your store within minutes.
  • Efficient management of promotions and price changes can help you compete with your competition.
  • Reprinting lost or damaged price tags is quick and easy. They are only printed for items that are currently in-store to cut down on waste and they can be printed on perforated paper.  The price tags are also printed in the order of the planogram which saves time putting them up.
  • All signs including PLU and promotional signs can be printed quickly and efficiently using templates within the ECS5
  • Access to full compliance reporting.
  • The ECS5 system gives you the ability to handle many in-store tasks quickly and efficiently which will save time and money while cutting down on waste.
  • The ECS5 system also allows you to deliver your messaging to your target customers externally via email and social media.

Industries That Use ECS Software

Our POS software is used across industries all over the world.  ECS Global Inc. works with the following industries:

  • Retail: Our ECS5 system is ideal for managing planograms, signage, price tags, and promotions efficiently in retail stores.
  • Healthcare: Our ECS5 Media Suite Ultimate Platinum for Healthcare system can help manage electric signage as well as medication labeling. This system is very secure, and it can help pharmacists save time and money with the ability to do mobile printing of medicine labels.
  • Universities and colleges: Our ECS5 system can benefit colleges and universities by allowing these institutions to have a consistent message throughout the campus in bookstores, cafes, libraries, and other areas. This system can also be used to send important information to students
    at the right time and quickly print promotional materials and student badges.


Related ECS5 Features

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  • Resorts and hospitality: Resorts and hotels may consist of bars, restaurants, venues, and theme parks. Our ECS5 system can help these institutions provide consistent messaging throughout all of these areas.
  • Stadiums and sports facilities: We can help stadiums and sports facilities deliver consistent messaging within the facility including promotions, maps, and interactive kiosks, as well as offsite communication to help promote and sell tickets with our ECS5
  • Travel and transport: A lot of information is delivered at travel sights such as airports, bus stops, and train stations. Our POS software can be used to ensure travelers get up to date information including prices, maps, schedules, and delays.
  • Banking: Banks need to communicate between branches and to their customers. With our ECS5 system, banks can provide consistent messaging to customers within their branch and via text messages and print physical materials.
  • Manufacturing, chemicals, and logistics: In this field, consistent labeling is important to convey accurate information. Our ECS5 system can be used to create labels that are consistent over several locations.

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Our software solutions, including the ECS5 system, have helped businesses throughout the world in many different industries streamline their messaging to help improve customer engagement and sales. Our systems can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and allow you to deliver a consistent message across all media from one place.

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