Businesses use signage to help guide customers and guests through the building and drive sales by providing information about products and special promotions.

Many businesses create physical signage that is designed digitally and then printed to be displayed.  However, more businesses are using digital signage systems to display dynamic digital signs on monitors, TV screens, and other digital displays.

Digital signage may include vibrant images and video content that customers find more engaging than traditional printed signs.

Digital signage is used to communicate important information to consumers including special promotions, product information, and pricing.

With a smart digital signage system, these signs can be designed and updated very easily to ensure accurate and consistent messaging on all digital sign displays.

ECS5 Media Suite (ECS5) from ECS Global Inc. contains a cloud digital signage solution that allows businesses to create, edit, and update digital signage efficiently to deliver the proper messaging and information to the customer.

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Using the Media Manager within ECS5, you can quickly and easily manage all of your digital signage to ensure accurate and consistent messaging.

ECS5 is used by businesses and institutions around the world to efficiently design, manage, and update their digital signage and displays.

ECS Global Inc. also offers easy to use digital signage players to run content on TVs, videowalls, and other retail displays.

ECS5 eliminates inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and amplifies your brand by unifying communication from the point of sale to the shelf edge, establishing a consistent message between all print, digital and display technologies that drive store success.

Impact of Smart Digital Signage

digital signage solutions

Easy to manage digital signage across any type of display can have a major impact on store profitability.

Digital signage is more interactive than traditional printed signage.  With digital signage, you can incorporate images, video content, sound, animations, and more to get the attention of your customers and drive more sales.

One of the major advantages of smart digital signage is how quickly and efficiently it can be updated.  Using a good digital signage system will allow you to quickly change digital signage for updated pricing, promotions, and more without the need to print and replace physical signage.

The key to managing your digital signage efficiently is to use an effective digital signage system like ECS5 that allows you to design, launch, and update all of your digital signage instantaneously from one place.

Manage Cloud Digital Signage with ECS5

ECS5 from ECS Global Inc. is a cloud-based retail management system that integrates your planogram and product information and allows you to manage shelf tags and label printing, digital signage, promotions and price changes, and external communication like social media and email.

The Media Manager within this cloud based system can be used to design and implement digital signage throughout your store.

The Media Manager integrated within ECS5 allows for the quick and easy design of digital signage and displays.  It can handle several types of media including jpegs, image files, and video content that you can incorporate into your digital signage.

Once the design is complete, you can immediately send your smart digital signage to TV screens, monitors, and other digital displays throughout your store.

Using the Media Manager to create and update your digital signage will save you the time and cost of working with an external designer to create your digital signage content.

The following are the benefits of using the ECS5 Media Manager for your digital signage:

  • ECS5 integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to manage your digital signage, planogram, shelf tags, labels, printed signage, and more.
  • The Media Manager makes it easy to design smart digital signage and displays that incorporate jpegs, image files, and video content.
  • Digital signage can be sent to all of your in-store digital displays and monitors immediately.
  • Digital signage displays can be updated quickly.
  • Your digital signage will be consistent throughout all of your displays and the ability to update the signage quickly can help you capitalize on market trends and stay ahead of your competition.
  • Your business will save the time and money needed to hire an outside designer to create your digital signage.

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ECS Global Inc. is a provider of retail solutions software, and we operate internationally with ECS5 being used by businesses and institutions all over the world.

We can save you the hassle of using multiple software systems to manage your in-store displays by integrating all of your devices, displays, and systems through our software solution.

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ECS Global Inc is a retail solutions software company that operates worldwide.

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Our software solutions, including the ECS5 system, have helped businesses throughout the world in many different industries streamline their messaging to help improve customer engagement and sales. Our systems can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and allow you to deliver a consistent message across all media from one place.

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