Many stores have made the move to using electronic shelf tags, which are digital price tags on the shelf edges.

One of the major advantages to electronic shelf labels (ESL) is that they can be changed instantaneously using a POS system such as ECS5 from ECS Global Inc.

Because these tags are digital, they also eliminate the need to print and place new price tags which drastically reduces the amount of work that goes into managing price changes and cuts down on wasted materials.


ECS5 eliminates inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and amplifies your brand by unifying communication from the point of sale to the shelf edge, establishing a consistent message between all print, digital and display technologies that drive store success.

How Electronic Shelf Labels Work

The introduction of electronic price tags in retail stores has made pricing much easier. Stores that do not use digital price tags must print out price tags on paper and put them on the proper shelves.

This method requires more work from store employees to print and place the tags and there is a risk of mislabeling and waste from misprinted tags.

Electronic price tags essentially eliminate the work needed to print and place paper price tags and cut down on waste, saving your business time and money. With digital price tags, the price displayed on the tags can be changed without replacing the tag itself.

Using the proper system, the price on the tags can be changed automatically, ensuring accurate pricing.

How ECS5 Integrates Electronic Shelf Labels

ECS5 from ECS Global Inc. is a retail point of sale (POS) system that allows retail stores to manage all of their communications, including signage, price tags, digital displays, emails, kiosks, and other media within one system.

Within this system, managing electronic price tags is easy and efficient.

ECS5 integrates elements of your existing infrastructure into a single software solution, including the planogram of your store and your electronic shelf tags.

Within the system, you can set up a digital planogram of your store that includes all of the products that are sold on your shelves.

The system accurately keeps track of what is currently on the shelves so you can easily check your stock within your digital planogram.

If your store uses electronic shelf tags, they will be synced with your planogram within the system and programmed to display the correct prices of the products that correspond with the digital planogram.

If the price of an item needs to be changed, you can change it within the system which will send the new price out to the electronic shelf tags.

You can also set price changes for certain times for sales and promotions and the price will change on the electronic shelf tags automatically at the proper time.

With an effective ESL system like ECS5 from ECS Global Inc., you can ensure accurate pricing and efficiently make price changes without the need to print and place price tags.

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