Venue owners focus hard on trying to bring consistency, impact and relevance to these communications, a focus that we share through our solutions.

We work with organizations to understand the visitor journey and apply appropriate solutions around signage, promotions and online communications; all of which can be managed centrally to ensure consistency of message and that everything is always up to date.

In the resorts and hospitality sector, the solution can be used for many different purposes such as:

  • Creating colorful menus, flyers and coupons
  • Driving promotions using social media and text messaging services
  • Creating high impact colorful point of sale and shelf edge labeling as it is required
  • Driving Interactive Kiosks
  • Managing an online ordering system

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ECS Global Inc is a retail solutions software company that operates worldwide.

ECS Software Solutions

Our software solutions, including the ECS5 system, have helped businesses throughout the world in many different industries streamline their messaging to help improve customer engagement and sales. Our systems can be integrated into your existing infrastructure and allow you to deliver a consistent message across all media from one place.

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