Create an Effective Digital Signage Strategy with ECS5

February 20, 2024 | ECS Global Inc

In our increasingly digitized world, digital signage is playing a much larger role when it comes to advertising and customer communications.  Digital signage can be found in many settings from retail stores, pharmacies and banks to hotels and academic buildings.

There are obvious advantages to incorporating digital signage into your messaging as you can create dynamic displays that feature high resolution images, animations, and videos.

If you are pursuing a digital strategy then you need to have a platform that allows you to implement the most appropriate blend of paper, digital and media, but also one that gives you the insurance policy that should you wish to implement something that is more economic or more advanced in technology, given the way that evolves then by implementing the ECS solution, you can introduce those new technologies at pace, in a blended way, when you wish. Versus the alternative of brittle development every time you want to move to new technology, which when implemented outside of ECS each of the ESL vendors has to be implemented separately.

The integration can be complex as it often needs to integrate with many different systems, for example it is normal to integrate with the merchandising product hierarchy, product information systems, stock systems and planogram in addition to the price and promotion systems.  Depending on the complexity of the solutions this can take from several months to up to two years to implement.  This exercise would need to be repeated with each ESL vendor that is implemented.  The project costs can range from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions spent on IT system integrations, testing and project management.

ECS brings expertise in retail systems integrations and offers a solution to help businesses effectively design and manage their digital signage, which reduces the effort and time taken, often to just a few weeks. This significantly reduces implementation costs, and perhaps most importantly provides instant switch on of many additional ESL vendors and products, without further integration.

ECS5 Media Suite is a cloud-based retail management system that allows businesses to manage print and digital signage, shelf tags, planogram, and inventory from a single source.  Within ECS5, you can design dynamic digital signage and instantly send it to monitors, TV screens, and other digital displays.  You can also easily edit and update digital signage within ECS5 to ensure accurate and consistent communication of pricing, product information, and special promotions.

Why Choose ECS5 for Digital Signage and Displays?

ECS5 LogoBusinesses that want to add digital signage and displays to their customer communications strategies may look for a digital signage company to manage these displays.  However, if you already have a system for print signage, adding a new system for your digital signage will only create silos and make it more difficult to ensure accurate and consistent messaging across your print and digital media.  Simply adding digital signage capabilities is not as effective as incorporating it into your larger communications strategy.

When you work with a digital signage vendor, they may develop their own brittle solution that will operate separately from the systems you are already using for your print signage. You may also be stuck with their designs and capabilities.  This can make it difficult to ensure accuracy and consistency across your print and digital signage as navigating multiple systems to manage your signage increases the risk of inaccuracies and inefficiencies and takes more of your time.  There is also a high level of volatility with digital signage vendors as they may merge or change strategy with little to no warning. Technology is constantly evolving and therefore, you would want to nimbly be able to take advantage of improved resolution, color and economically reducing cost.

It simply does not have to be this way.  With ECS5, you can seamlessly manage your print and digital signage with this single, cloud-based solution.  ECS5 can be integrated into your current infrastructure, so you do not need to start from scratch or spend time and money incorporating new systems.  You can easily design and manage your digital signage and display yourself in the Media Manager with no need for a third-party vendor.  Your digital signage designs are stored within the system so you can conveniently update current designs and quickly change between multiple displays. ECS5 is also the only system available that manages print and digital signage which saves your business time and money and helps ensure accurate, consistent messaging.

The following are the main reasons to choose ECS5 for your business:

  • Manage print and digital signage from one source.
  • Design digital signage in the Media Manager without being bound by the limited capabilities of third-party vendors.
  • Avoid working with vendors in a volatile industry.
  • Avoid being locked into underperforming proprietary systems.
  • Streamline your customer communications strategy for accurate and consistent messaging across all mediums.

Retail Signage Solutions from ECS

Digital signage is highly effective because it is more dynamic and engaging than traditional print signage.  You can create digital displays with high resolution images and video content and even update or change your digital displays in an instant.  If you want to incorporate digital signage, do not get stuck with a vendor that manages your digital signage separately from your print signage.

ECS5 is a highly flexible software solution that allows you to efficiently manage your print and digital signage from a single dashboard.  We save you the trouble of using multiple systems by integrating all of your print and digital signage and displays for an efficient and cost-effective solution.  Our software solution eliminates the need for multiple software systems to handle your in-store displays. By seamlessly integrating all your devices, displays, and systems, we save you the hassle and provide a unified management experience.

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