High Tech Solutions for Low and Medium Tech Store Signage Displays

April 20, 2022 | ECS Global Inc


ECS5 allows your business to simplify the management process of all your signage across multiple locations, giving you more time to focus on your business strategy

When you walk into a store, you may not notice it immediately, but signage is everywhere.  It entices, informs, and convinces, all while maintaining consistent branding.  There is a consistent design and delivery the supports the brand image while informing the consumer about the product.  You may not notice the signage when it’s done right, but you will notice when it’s done wrong, whether in a supermarket or local boutique.  If you walked into a supermarket and saw handwritten prices on pieces of paper on the shelves, you would leave without buying anything.  You just never get past bad signage.

Signage within retail stores is a highly effective form of marketing when it is done right.  There are often several types of signage used in stores to convey important information to the customers including prices, special offers, and more.  All signage within a store must be accurate and consistent, but it can be difficult to update the signage when something changes quickly.  In most cases, businesses are using several different systems for their signage, including one for print signage, one for digital signage, and one for video content, etc., none of which are connected.  Making an update is a time-consuming process when using multiple systems.  However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can integrate all of your signage into one easy to use solution.


React quickly to seasonal and competitive changes across your high-tech digital and low-tech traditional signage seamlessly with the ECS5 media suite

Simplify the Management of Your Store Signage

It is not easy for marketing teams to maintain consistent signage across multiple locations.  Add video displays to the mix and the effort of managing and deploying consistent signage becomes a complex problem.  That’s where vendors such as ECS Global come in. According to Nucleus Research, ECS customers gained ROI in two areas.  The first is the ability of ECS customers to simplify the management of their signage effort, allowing them to spend more time managing the strategy than the process.

React Quickly to Changes Needed in Your Signage

The other major benefit is the capability of marketing teams to react quickly to opportunities.  It takes a centralized marketing tool to coordinate electronic signage, shelf signage, and video content.  Most electronic signage vendors have production tools for managing video content but integrating the content with the other signage in the store becomes a manual chasm across multiple applications.  It’s easy to see how the perceptible barrier limits marketing and sales opportunities.

Signage may not always be high-tech, but it has a major impact on sales.  Integrating your signage into one easy solution will ensure consistent branding and messaging and allow you to instantly make real time updates from one place across multiple locations.  Managing signage in a consistent and coordinated way can make a real difference to a retailer’s often slim bottom line and increase ROI.

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