Digital Signage: Do Not Go Down the Rabbit Hole of a Standalone Digital Signage Provider

November 21, 2022 | ECS Global Inc

Retail stores have always used a variety of print media to communicate with their customers about pricing, as well as sales and promotions.  Many businesses have a long-established process for designing, printing, and placing paper signage, changing them out when necessary.  In recent years, digital signage, displays and electronic shelf tags have become more widely used in retail stores.  Digital signage gives businesses the ability to use eye-catching images and even video content on digital displays and TV screens to convey their messaging.  This type of signage can also be changed more efficiently than paper signage and tags.


Ensure effective, efficient communication to your customers by using ECS5 to blend your all of your print and digital signage into one system

Traditionally, retailers tend to become comfortable with their process for printed signs and look elsewhere for their digital sign solutions. However, having a company provide you with digital signage while you still manage your printed signage with a separate system creates a disconnect in your communication.  With this arrangement, there is bound to be inefficiencies and inconsistencies when it comes to crafting your communications and getting your messaging to your customers across the various media. Working separately with different systems for different media can be both confusing and inefficient, whereas using a holistic system that blends both print and digital, such as ECS5, helps to ensure effective and efficient communication with your customers.

Do not fall down the rabbit hole of having a standalone digital signage solution, and separating your digital and print communication.  Relying on just one digital signage vendor is less efficient and cost-effective and can cost your business time and money.  It is much more beneficial to have a single system in which you can integrate digital signage from multiple vendors and manage all of your communication, including paper, digital, and multimedia signage, from one place.

ECS Global provides a solution that integrates all forms of communication, including multimedia, digital, and print so they can be managed from one place.  ECS5 is a cloud-based retail management system that allows businesses to design and update multiple forms of in-store signage including printed signs and shelf tags as well as digital displays and electronic shelf tags.  This system greatly improves the efficiency and accuracy of your communications which can result in a better ROI.

Do Not Go Down the Rabbit Hole of a Digital Signage Provider

There are many digital signage types that retail stores can work with that provide different capabilities and technologies.  Working with only one digital signage vendor forces your company to rely on this vendor for all digital communications and use their systems for design and management.  This limits you to the capabilities provided by that one vendor and they may not make improvements or updates to their system for a few years, leaving you putting out the same digital signage and displays.  This will trap your business in a digital cul-de-sac with very limited options.

This is a rabbit hole you do not want to go down as creating more silos within your customer communications will further waste time and money and putting all of your investment into one digital signage provider will severely limit your options.  ECS Global is integrated as standard with the various technologies, allowing you to explore the capabilities of multiple vendors to diversify your messaging. You are able to do this efficiently with a solution like ECS5 that lets you manage everything from one place.

Managing all forms of communication with one solution will eliminate inefficiencies and ensure accurate and up to date communications.

Integrating Print and Digital Signage into One Solution

With ECS5, you can implement and manage digital signage from multiple digital signage vendors in one place.  ECS5 is fully integrated with all forms of digital signage which allows you to use a variety of technology available that is always improving instead of being stuck in a technology cul-de-sac.  You can also manage your paper and electronic signage using the same tools within ECS5 for an efficient, all in one solution.

ECS has been working with electronic and digital signage companies for more than 20 years.  The technologies for these vendors are efficiently integrated with the management tools within ECS5.  This integration helps digital signage companies enhance their own products by introducing solutions to improve productivity and efficiency while reducing costs by saving time.

The ability to drive electronic labels from ECS5 has also saved large retail stores a lot of time and money.  There is a complex logic that determines what labels should be printed in which location at which time and ECS has an understanding of this logic from our years of experience with clients in this industry.  This same logic that is used to drive paper signage within ECS5 is also used to drive electronic labels which minimizes configuration work.  Electronic and digital signage vendors cannot often recreate this logic efficiently which could end up costing your business time and money.

It is important for your business to address all forms of communication with one design tool that allows you to drive all forms of digital signage, multimedia, and paper (colorful point of sale) signage.  ECS5 allows you to manage all of your digital and print communications in one cloud-based solution.  With this system, you can design and update your digital signage and electronic shelf tags instantly within one dashboard and the integration of the system with your planogram and inventory ensures a high level of accuracy.  You can also manage and print paper signage and shelf tags and the integration of mobile devices and printers eliminates the need to go to the back office and allows employees to manage these tasks quickly and efficiently on the shop floor.

ECS5 allows you to do the following:

  • Create digital signage and displays with the Media Manager within ECS5 and instantly send them to TV screens and other displays.
  • Design and print paper signage and shelf tags that follow the integrated planogram to cut down on wasted materials.
  • Geo-target displays in specific locations for exclusive promotions.
  • Integrate digital signage and display technology and capabilities from multiple vendors.
  • Instantly update and implement digital signage and displays across multiple locations.
  • Integrate mobile devices to access ECS5 from anywhere and print shelf tags on the shop floor.

Print and Digital Signage Solutions with ECS5

If you want to incorporate digital signage into your customer communications, there is no sense in going down the rabbit hole of investing in a single digital signage vendor.  ECS5 allows you to bring all types of communication together under one cloud-based solution.

With ECS5, you can design, manage, and update your print and digital signage in one platform which improves accuracy and eliminates inefficiencies.  You can also easily make updates to your digital and print signage and with digital signage and displays, you can implement the changes in real time.  ECS5 allows you to get the most out of your signage and improve your ROI by ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

To learn more about ECS5, contact ECS Global.

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