Staying in touch – As you like it!

August 31, 2015 | ECS Global Inc

ECS Global Inc, the world-renowned communications company, is about to change…so that they can stay the same. This is because a range of customers from a variety of iconic retailers, through to the smallest retailer, have consistently responded to the Company’s core values of personalized service, stability and reliability, consequently enabling them to grow rapidly – but they still want the ECS Global approach and culture of personality, realism and honesty on a one-to-one basis.

Such an approach is getting harder to maintain in the face of digital marketing which, on the surface, enables companies to target potential customers online with messages designed and timed to correspond with their receptiveness at different times of the year or week or day. In reality, this is only ‘Information Architecture’ as the approach is designed to match a customer profile which assumes a preference for this channel – but usually, is ‘backed-up’ by other methods, such as paper, telephone calls, etc. This then makes the marketing exercise costly and inefficient and exactly the opposite of what it was supposed to do by reducing the feel of a personalized approach.

This was the challenge facing ECS Global – how to enable customer organizations to join up these channels, remove significant duplication and inconsistency, and to touch their target audience through the channels they wish to be communicated through. In other words, do what ECS Global does!

Therefore, The ECS5 Media Suite has been devised to enable all organizations to communicate with a customer, whether in a physical location or external, by engaging with them through the most appropriate channel. The risk is of course, that the choice of channel is correctly ‘matched’ – get it right, and you increase sales and reduce costs: get it wrong…well, that’s where the ‘panic alarm’ element of the system comes into play. This is the ‘back-up’ which enables the client to feel that they do have a ‘Plan B’!

Naturally, this being ECS Global, they wouldn’t ask a client to do what they couldn’t, or didn’t do themselves, so the Chief Executive Officer, Derek Buchanan, set out a clear articulation of what clients can expect from interaction with the ECS Global team – anywhere in the world. They get personality, punctuality, speedy responsiveness, a realistic commitment that can be fulfilled, and if something changes (for good or bad) then the client will be told in advance and honestly. Perhaps most important of these is the ‘match’ of personality to the client, so that the individual, personalized approach is established and maintained – the client gets to communicate with ECS Global through the channel they want!

In effect, through training and shrewd, discrete recruitment, the ECS Global culture is being maintained, but also being shared with clients as part of a long-term strategy of growth for both parties in the deal. Remember, this growth is based on ECS Global’s aspiration to be trusted by their clients and ensure they are always able to provide guidance and support, through a total and passionate commitment to their clients in delivering the best quality solutions and service, so feedback is essential.

What does this feedback currently look like? Here’s a representative sample from clients –

“By using the ECS5 Media Suite, we are able to rapidly deploy specific marketing campaigns in store, which are both cost effective and complement the brand.”

“Since we introduced the ECS5 Media Suite, we have a more professional look and feel in our stores. The solution has enabled us to achieve significant savings through improved efficiency and also an uplift in sales through better consistency in our signs”.

“The ECS5 Media Suite allows us to try different ways of communicating with customers and what really struck us was their understanding of what we are trying to achieve as a business, and their knowledge of what content was becoming in a future Omni-channel world”.

The key words here are ‘knowledge and understanding’ – these encapsulate the culture which makes ECS Global a reliable and trustworthy partner in delivering the same high quality product and service through ‘more of the same’!

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