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Posted on: April 22nd, 2024

ECS5 Media Suite Integrates the Management of Digital and Paper Signage

It is impossible to walk through any type of retail store without encountering customer communications in the form of paper signage, shelf tags, and digital signage and displays.  Paper signage has long been a staple of customer communications in retail stores and will continue to be a crucial element of in-store marketing.  Colorful, impactful point-of-sale (POS) paper signage is beautiful and effective as it grabs the attention of customers throughout the store.  While digital signage will not fully replace paper signage, many retail stores are incorporating more digital signage and displays into their communications.  The question is, how can retail stores efficiently manage both their digital and print signage to ensure consistent, accurate communications?

Efficient use of paper signage is highly beneficial for retail stores, but it can be quite inefficient if stores are using brittle systems that don’t allow for scalability or to operate at pace.  The same can be said for digital signage and displays as brittle proprietary systems may be expensive and have limited technological abilities.  If you are using multiple systems to manage your print and digital signage, there will be a disconnect between those multiple systems, leading to inefficiencies and inaccuracies and taking more of your time and money to manage.

The optimal  way to manage your print and digital signage efficiently is with a system that integrates all types of signage, so they can be managed from one place.  The ECS5 Media Suite is the secret sauce that links together all of your communications, so you can support your digital communications with efficient paper signage and ensure accurate information for pricing and promotions.  You do not need to rely on multiple brittle systems as ECS5 allows for the efficient management of multiple technologies right out of the box.  The capabilities of ECS5 allow retail stores to be as efficient and accurate with their communications as possible, so they can be more focused on their customers.

Drive Paper and Digital Signage with ECS5

ECS5 LogoFor many retail stores, they first adopt a system to manage their paper signage. Adding digital signage to their customer communications also means adopting a new system to manage and implement digital signage and displays.  ECS5 comes ready to manage paper and digital signage from the same dashboard.

Retailers must be able to put the right technology in place to blend paper and digital signage so they can efficiently diversify their in-store communications.  ECS5 allows retailers to move seamlessly between these technologies within the same system, eliminating the need to redo templates and integration.  You can use ECS5 to create and implement dynamic paper and digital signage and manage them efficiently, right out of the box.

How ECS5 Works

The Media Manager within ECS5 allows for the design and implementation of paper and digital signage.  A dropdown menu within the Media Manager allows you to choose whether the media you are working on is for paper signage or digital displays.  From there, you can design the display and instantly implement it to the TV screens and digital displays throughout your store.

ECS5 allows you to do the following with digital signage and displays:

  • Design digital signage and displays that include images, videos, and animations.
  • Implement digital signage to specific displays in your store instantly.
  • Save designs and templates for quick and efficient updates.

Why Work with ECS5 for Multimedia Communications

As more retail stores implement digital signage and displays, it is becoming more common to see media screens throughout a store.  Media screens give retail stores the ability to implement multimedia displays that consist of high-resolution images, video content, and animations.

Many retail stores may work with a third-party vendor to produce content for their media screens.  However, there are drawbacks to working with a third-party vendor, the biggest one being that by the time you get your content, it may be out of date.  There is a lead time for vendors to create digital content and by the time it gets to your screen, the information may no longer be relevant.  You also must pay the vendor for the content, which can be expensive.

A solution like ECSalso allows you to try different technologies for your customer communications to determine what works best for your business.  The logic of ECSintegrates your inventory, planogram, and pricing and promotion information with the capability to create shelf tags, paper signage, and digital displays.  You can experiment with different designs, colors, sizes, and more without locking your business in with an individual vendor for each type of technology.  In the future, you can use the same logic to take advantage of other technologies.

Implementing multimedia displays with ECS5 gives retail stores the opportunity to be more dynamic in their displays in a way that is impossible with third-party vendors.  With ECS5, you can target your customer experience in the following ways:

  • Display content in different store locations that are specific to that location.
  • Target individual screens within your store and across locations with specific displays.
  • React to current events in real time including the weather and special events to market related products.
  • Respond to your competition.
  • Design and implement digital displays and update them immediately with no need to depend on a vendor for content.

Creating and implementing digital displays with ECS5 saves you time and money as you will not have to wait for and pay a vendor for digital displays that are out of date as soon as you get them.  Effective and efficient use of multimedia and digital displays with ECS5 ensures accurate and consistent communications, which can help increase sales while allowing you and your employees to focus more on customer service.

Efficient Paper and Digital Signage Solutions with ECS5

Managing your customer communications across multiple systems creates silos that lead to inefficiencies and inaccuracies.  With more retail stores implementing digital signage and displays along with their paper signage, many are encountering the challenge of how to link the management of these technologies together for an efficient, economical solution.

ECS5 is the secret sauce that links paper and digital signage together.  With ECS5, retailers can blend the use of different forms of media seamlessly to ensure accurate, dynamic, and consistent messaging.  You will be able to take advantage of all the capabilities of ECS5, right out of the box.  Contact ECS Global today to learn more about ECS5.

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