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Vending Sense Improves Micro Marketing Displays and Automates Printing Process with ECS5

Posted on: April 29th, 2022

Vending Sense is a provider of vending machines and a consultant for businesses that want to add refreshments to their work environment.  Recently, Vending Sense expanded their business model into micro markets that they manage and maintain in workplaces throughout the UK.  Micro markets are retail food markets that are unattended and include food and beverages stocked in open shelves, coolers, and freezers that consumers can buy at a self-checkout kiosk.


ECS5 allows Vending Sense to upload product pricing, features and imagery for each product and automate the creation of their price labels in a matter of seconds

Vending Sense stocks around 300 products in each micro market.  The pricing of these products may differ in each location which made the manual process of creating pricing labels for their shelves, coolers, and freezers very time-consuming.  As their micro markets became popular and they began opening more of them, they decided to review their options to find a more efficient solution to automate their pricing label creation.  Their search for a new solution led them to ECS Global.

As soon as Vending Sense was introduced to ECS5, they knew it would be the perfect solution to automate their pricing label creation.  ECS configured a system that met their requirements, and it took less than three weeks to have a live solution in place.

With ECS5, Vending Sense can upload the data and pricing for each product into the system and automate the creation of their price labels in a matter of seconds.  The ECS design team worked with Vending Sense to create signage templates that are managed and maintained by ECS.  Vending Sense can include more information, including product features and product imagery, on their signage.

Sam Marra, Director at Vending Sense said “The onboarding process at ECS has been great. ECS5 has saved us hours of manual work and provided a solution where it’s easy to update signage, which is key in the current climate”.

With ECS5, businesses can manage their communication channels with one solution using one intuitive design suite and one instance of data and logic.  This is much more efficient than the most prevalent solution of using multiple individual systems that are not connected to each other which makes it more difficult to be consistent with your messaging and branding.

Derek Buchanan, Chief Executive Officer at ECS Global Inc, said “We have been delighted to work with Vending Sense on this project in such an innovative area of the retail market and we look forward to working together as Vending Sense expand their business over the coming months”.

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