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ECS Global Recently Partnered with Brother UK to Support Their Customers with ECS5

Posted on: January 18th, 2024

At ECS Global Inc., we developed ECS5 to integrate the management and implementation of different types of print and digital media at the shelf edge and point of sale into one easy to use solution.  The ECS5 Media Suite allows for efficient, consistent, and accurate customer communications, including pricing and messaging, which helps improve the customer experience while eliminating inefficiencies and saving businesses time and money.  ECS5 is ideal for businesses across industries including retail, healthcare, academia, hospitality, manufacturing, and logistics.

One of the main features of ECS5 is that it allows users to integrate handheld devices that can be used on Android and iOS mobile operating systems.  With this capability, store employees can check pricing and inventory and print shelf tags and impactful signage from anywhere within the store.  Recently, ECS partnered with Brother UK, a business technology solutions provider, to offer Brother printing devices that can be integrated into ECS5.

ECS Partnership with Brother UK

ECS Global partners with Brother UK to provide a range of printing devices that can be integrated with ECS5

ECS Global partners with Brother UK to provide a range of printing devices that can be integrated with ECS5

Brother UK is a global technology solutions provider that specializes in print and labeling solutions including managed print services and print and scan hardware.  ECS launched our partnership with Brother UK in October 2023 which makes their print hardware available to our current and prospective customers.  Our partnership covers Brother’s PJ mobile printers, RJ range of rugged portable devices, TD line of desktop labeling printers, and TJ industrial printer range.

The products now available from Brother UK provide our customers in retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, and other industries with a full range of print solutions.  The seamless integration of Brother desktop, mobile, and industrial printers into ECS5 allows ECS customers to manage any volume of printing, from label printing to industrial printing, while cutting down on inaccuracies and inefficiencies that can cost your business time and money.

“There is a growing demand among businesses across supply chain, retail and hospitality to digitize their day-to-day operations and we have built a strong product proposition to take advantage of this buoyant market,” says Ged Cairns, Head of SPS business category at Brother UK.  “Our new partnership with ECS Global will serve to strengthen our position and provide clients with the broadest range of print devices available from a single vendor.  In addition to consistent device management and deployment tools, businesses will benefit from simplifying their consumables ordering, service, support and user training.”

“When Brother approached us with a partnership proposal, we knew it would be a great opportunity to work with such an instantly recognizable brand, offering the full range of print solutions our customers need,” says Derek Buchanan, CEO of ECS.  “They can now choose devices for each section of their operations from the same vendor to meet any level of print type and volume, which will simplify their administration, boost their workflow efficiencies and help reduce costs.”

Features of ECS5

ECS5 is a cloud-based media communication suite that allows businesses to effectively manage multiple communication channels, including digital signage, impactful print signage, and interactive media displays from one place.  Integrating all communications into one media suite allows for more efficient management and guarantees the timely delivery of consistent messaging and accurate information to customers regarding pricing and promotions.  ECS5 reduces inaccuracies, wasted materials, and the time it takes to implement communications while improving the customer experience, which cuts costs and increases revenue.

The following are the main features of ECS5:

  • Manage printed and digital shelf tags, labels, and signs: ECS5 features an integrated Media Manager that allows for the quick design of printed and digital shelf tags, labels, and other signage with current pricing and promotions. These designs can be adjusted quickly when pricing and promotions change, and the system can even automatically update these changes within the system.  Electronic shelf tags and digital signage are updated automatically to reflect changes.
  • Manage digital media: Within the Media Manager, users can design digital signage and multimedia displays that include video content and images. The digital displays can be easily distributed to connected digital signs and TV screens throughout the business.
  • Manage planograms: Live planogram and inventory data can be integrated into ECS5 which allows users to efficiently manage inventory and track volume of sales in different areas of the planogram. This also helps make shelf tag printing more accurate and cost-effective as the tags will be printed automatically in accordance with the planogram and only tags for items currently in stock are printed.
  • Automate printing of signage and labels: Users can set and automate the printing of signage and shelf tags within ECS5. Batch printing can be scheduled at different times across departments and store locations.  ECS5 will also automatically print signage and shelf tags for items currently in stock and avoid printing shelf tags for out-of-stock items.
  • Integrate devices: ECS5 has mobile capabilities that allow devices such as handheld scanners, mobile printers, kiosks, and PCs to be integrated into the system. Users can check inventory, pricing, and other information from anywhere and manage the printing of shelf tags and signage on the shop floor.  With our new partnership, the full range of printing solutions from Brother UK can be integrated into ECS5.

Contact ECS5

ECS is looking forward to offering a wide range of print hardware for our customers to cover their printing operations more efficiently through our partnership with Brother UK.  Brother printing devices can be seamlessly integrated into ECS5 for efficient management of any type or volume of printing, from label printing to industrial printing.

To learn more about the range of printing products available through our partnership with Brother UK and how they can be integrated into your operations, contact ECS.

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