The Digital Panacea – The Emperor Has No Clothes On

Digital Signage Best Practices, Mistakes, and Disadvantagesdigital signage disadvantages

A digital display or promotional screen that rarely changes its message is an enormous waste.

It might as well be paper.

Yet these are found everywhere — in hotels, pharmacies, school campuses, supermarkets, and department…

ECS5 Electronic Signage and Shelf Label Advantages

electronic shelf labels advantages

Today there is ever increasing pressure on retailers to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

ECS Global Inc. already helps many retailers improve communication consistency in store while also reducing labor costs using the ECS5 Media Suite. ECS5 extends our…

The ECS5 Mobile App | Planogram Design and Application

planogram creation software for mobile devices

Planograms and other visual merchandising tools are only as useful as they are practical for the space they are applied in.

Arrangements and designs provided by product suppliers and manufacturers can make sense on paper, but must…

ECS5 Introduction Video

This short video takes you through the aspects of ECS5 and the type of organizations we are working with globally.

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