Working with ECS video

We are pleased to share our ‘working with ECS’ video which outlines what our clients and prospective clients can expect from us as a supplier. We pride ourselves on our working standards.

Miscommunication video

This video gives examples of miscommunications Derek Buchanan, CEO of ECS Global, has seen over time and explains how the ECS solution can help you avoid these errors and improve sales.

Signage is Easy video

We have recently been filming some short videos which give an oversight into ECS, our solution and how we work. See below for our first video ‘Signage Is Easy’ filmed with our CIO Steve Tyler.

ECS and Not for Profit Client Opportunities

What is a not-for-profit (NFP) organization? Generally speaking a NFP describes a type of organization that does not earn profits. All revenue generated or donated to a NFP is used in pursuing the organization’s objectives and keeping it running. In most cases, NFPs are charities or other types of…

Demand Shaping Cuts Costs for Omni-Channel Retailers

ANALYST: James Cooke, Nucleus Research

The Bottom Line 

As retailers seek to master Omni-channel commerce, they need to engage in demand shaping, the practice of spurring consumers to buy products to move inventory. Omni-channel retailers can use this supply chain strategy to avoid discounting stock and to preserve margins. Nucleus has…

Staying in touch – As you like it!

ECS Global Inc, the world-renowned communications company, is about to change…so that they can stay the same. This is because a range of customers from a variety of iconic retailers, through to the smallest retailer, have consistently responded to the Company’s core values of personalized service, stability and reliability,…

Geolocation: the next generation of customer engagement

Geolocation solutions could soon reshape the traditional consumer/retailer relationship and become the next key differentiator in retail.

The explosion in popularity of mobile devices and a continually constrained economy have pushed retailers to re-examine their processes of customer engagement, better aligning them to suit the growing demand of omni-channel.

If not…

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