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Print and Digital Signage Systems: Don’t Buy Twice

Posted on: August 4th, 2023

The aftermath of the pandemic and tightening economic conditions have been difficult on retailers and have led to many looking for places to cut costs.  Nucleus Research Inc. found that a potential cost saving opportunity for retailers is to combine the management and production of print and digital signage into a single system.  This eliminates the need to use separate systems that each come with their own cost and ultimately saves time as the design and implementation of print and digital signage can be done much more efficiently.  ECS Global offers the ECS5 cloud-based platform that consolidates the management of print and digital signage into a single system.  Nucleus found that retailers that switched to ECS5 and aligned their communication channels reduced operational costs and increased employee productivity.

You can read more about the cost-saving potential of ECS5 here:

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